Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blogger Burnout and My Head Space Lately

I think without realizing it I went through a blogger burnout. Out of nowhere the 2,000 followers on Instagram seemed daunting. The tweets from thousands of Twitter friends felt overwhelming. One day I looked at my son and said I'm deleting it all in a moment of "stick it to the man!" mentality.

I just had BLOGGER BURNOUT. Nothing I wrote felt relevant, I felt I could never convey my passions deeply over this space to y'all and giving energy to various social media accounts made me feel like I wasn't being one on one enough with readers the way I used to be when blogging was a much simpler thing.

So now I'm saying this is my space and I'll do with it what I please and if that means not hitting all the popular blogger requirements then so be it. I want you as the reader to visit the space and feel refreshed and inspired, not preached at or more overwhelmed than when you got here.

My life is simple, in fact I struggle most days to carry normal conversations BECAUSE things are so very very simple.

My son plays, he grows, he learns, we read lots of books, and watch educational television. When I get a free moment in the mornings I dig into the Word of God, and when The Big Dawg comes home I enjoy a walk around the block.

Yes our lives are that simple, that laid back, that non drama filled.
Simple, happy, easy, life.
And we love it.

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