Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Books Read July 2016

Hey y'all! How about a SUPER late post all about the books I read in July?! Whew, this past month has been so busy! I signed on as a Usborne Books and More consultant and yes I finally found my "niche". I'm selling children's books, pocketing the commission, getting friends free books, and having SO much fun doing it, (if you want to host a party with me let me know, I'm kinda awesome *wink*). But it's also taken some time away from this blog space. I'm still updating through social media, but you loyal followers are left with no new posts and I apologize for that! 

Alrighty, moving right along... 

The Lifeboat Clique
This book has been described as Mean Girls meets Life of Pi. Denver is the outcast in her school and while at a party, a tsunami lands her in a boat with the popular kids. Both dark and funny, I really enjoyed this story! Read more about this book here. 

The Darkest Corners 
Tessa returns to her hometown only to reveal more mysteries from her past. Callie stayed behind and when the two girls get together this thriller turns into a page turner. A well written book, the author pulled a lot of inspiration from headlines, similar to the documentary Making a Murderer. The ending was unexpected and Tessa's feelings of inadequacy and feeling unloved made me sad for those in real life who are in dysfunctional families... Read more about this book here. 

The Outliers 
Y'all remember how much I loved the book, Reconstructing Amelia this book is by the same author and while I didn't love it as much, I did enjoy it. Some parts of the story were a little far fetched, Wylie chases after Cassie, hitch hikes, meets up with a guy, ends up at a meth head mecca... it's kind of crazy and I'm looking forward to the next book. Read more about this book here (because I'm doing an awful job of describing it).  

Every Exquisite Thing
Unless you are a Matthew Quick fan, I'm not sure you'll enjoy this book. His story lines always have a bit of a sadness underneath, but with well developed characters. So not for everybody, but I enjoyed it. Read more about this book here. 
The Weekenders
You guyyyyyyyyyyys know what a huge MKA fan I am, but goodness I couldn't be as in love with this book as I've been with her books in the past. I felt like it was more about the drama of the ex husband and all his shadiness than the new romance and romance is what she is SO good at... so still love you MKA, but this wasn't my favorite. Read more about this book here. 

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