Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Five Tips to Help You Move Without Going Insane

Today I'd like to give y'all my tips of MOVING, yes moving! In the almost 7 years The Big Dawg and I have been married, we have moved 8 times around the state of Georgia. That doesn't even count all the moving I did while living in Utah, ha! During those 7 years we have lived as newlyweds, we have lived with my parents, became the parents of a precious baby boy, and new home owners! So I feel like I'm an expert, here are my top 5 tips!

·  When I was in Utah, I had to actually *gasp* buy boxes from a local store. That was na├»ve of me and I've learned my lesson. Once you've decided to move, immediately notify all friends/family that you are moving. Moms can save their diaper boxes for you (great for packing), friends can save boxes from the grocery store, liquor stores often have boxes outside the doors for people to pick up, and if you are lucky and have a friend in IT you might get your hands on some super huge computer boxes. 

·  Once you have a huge mound of boxes, place them in every room of your house. It's ok if they get in the way, let's face it life is going to be a mess for the next 6 months for you anyway *wink*. 
·  As you go throughout your day, throw items in boxes you are no longer using. Once the box is full, tape it up and mark it with what's inside and what room it will go into in your new place. 

·  This is the time, you have to think to yourself “do I want to pay to move it?” (even if you are doing your move DIY – there is still expense involved with your time and materials lugging stuff around you really don’t want or need anymore)  ask yourself “do I love it? – have I worn it in the last year? – will I ever actually make that craft/do that DIY project?” This is the time to really get realistic and tough with yourself and lose the urge to just dump all drawers to go through “later”. 
·  Create an event on Facebook and event friends and family to come and help themselves to your castoffs or *ahem* previously loved treasures. After that donate the rest to your local shelter or Goodwill for a nice tax write off. 
·  This is payback time, all those people you helped move over the years, it's time for them to return the favor. No I’m not joking when I tell you that you will need help, unless you are financially capable of hiring a moving truck, (even then you need help with the unboxing and placement of furniture after you’ve changed your mind and your significant other is “done”!)  then you are in the boat with the rest of us when I say you need friends in low places. 

·  Create an event on Facebook and event friends and family to come help you move in. Offer treats or to buy them lunch for coming by to help. This might be a little much, but if you are active on social media post a picture of your stress (like the one below), so that a friend can see the mess and might want to help. Keep your friends informed, many people are out there looking for ways to serve others, so let them help you!

·  This is one time when you have that chance to start over and use all those tips, tricks and Pinterest posts you have been saving. Really study your space(s) in each and every room no matter how small. Measure everywhere there may be a hint you could squeeze in some of those ideas (think IKEA hacks here!)
·  Check open walls in closets where maybe the hubs could build a slender shelf unit for shoes or sweaters. If you don't have a handy hubby like I do (yes he's awesome like that) then get your hands on a contractor's number in the area and get some estimates if you need to add or change areas of your home.
·  Short on cash (aren't we all)? Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and thrift stores have all types of containers, jars, storage units etc. that could be repurposed.
·  Live in your space for a little while before splurging on big (or small for that matter!) ticket items. Sometimes when you are in a rush to get all rooms decorated, a few months down the road you aren't exactly loving that cute painting of dogs playing poker... am I right?!
·  Your new space... Is it a new town? Are you having trouble finding new friends, a mom group, or local events? Google your local chamber of commerce for events, like local businesses on Facebook, search for a local moms’ group like the one I created here. Find the post office and the public library immediately, they have activities for young and old, usually free movie nights, concert listings, more info. Lucky enough to live in a college town like us? Well, that opens a door of new possibilities, check out there website to see what's happening in your area.  
·  Even if your move is just across the street, or a few blocks over in your same town – you’ll always feel better sharing your space with family and friends! Don’t wait till “everything’s perfect” invite people over, trust me their houses haven't always been perfect either *wink*!
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