Friday, June 3, 2016

In a Room Full of People

Blogging often feels like I'm screaming in a room full of people. After putting myself in all these spaces, I want to snatch it all back up, every honest post, every heartbreaking word I shared, I want to keep them all safely squished into my shy bubble. Let's all just cut off the world and stay silent together...

But when I evaluated the talents God has given to me to spread the glory of His kingdom, writing is about it for me. He didn't bestow much else, well besides my hilarious sense of humor. *ahem* Anyway, I have physically weak days due to rheumatoid arthritis so I won't be signing up to build any schools or roofs any time soon. I don't know if I'll ever serve a mission over seas spending time preaching to the least of these. I honestly couldn't draw myself out of a paper sack, so art in any form is out the question. I enjoy singing in the privacy of my home where absolutely no one can hear me, but my dog who loves to howl along with me with my son beating drums in the background. Honestly, my only creative outlet in sharing how God's magnificence is working in my life is through written words. 

So you are stuck with me being overly honest, over sharing, too much of too much. 
That's just me. 

So here I am, accepting the call to serve God and His purposes, as long as I have this tiny space on the internet, I want it only as a creation for good.  

I'm nobody special. I sooooo have been struggling to find my place in this big huge blogging world. 

I'm honestly just a mom who loves her kid, adores her handsome husband, loves squeezing her dog, and feeding her cat. I live in a small town, I read library books, I run a local mom's group, I could walk and talk for hours, I drink coffee for breakfast, make my family easy dinners, sit out on our deck, and love taking naps on our couch. My mom's my best friend and I've been blessed with many mama friends during the most difficult and rewarding time of my life. 

I'm nobody special, but I do love Jesus. 

So forgive me if you aren't looking for a faith based blog and forgive me if you came here for a delicious recipe and not a "I love me some Jesus" post. Forgive me if this is just too much Jesus love for you. I can't help it. Praise God, for He never thinks I am too much. 

I love how my story has become apart of the greatest love story ever told and I love sharing that with you, even if you are the only one out there reading as I scream my love of God in a sea full of writers... you and I can smile over it all. Because God is amazing, God is love, and He is at work in my life. 

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