Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Favorite ALDI Products & Shopping Advice

Our town just got an ALDI, I know y'all I know. Calm down. It's all very exciting around here, but the best part about it is watching newbies go to ALDI. The first time my mom and I went to one in Athens, Georgia we were fish out of water. 

How do we get the buggy?!
Mama, we need a quarter!
We can only pay with cash?!
Whit, go to the car! 
No bags?
Whit, go to the car and get them!
And let's not forget this hilarious story of the terribly awful day The Big Dawg and I spent in Athens... 

  • You need a quarter for your buggy, yes you will get it back. This saves the store money on having to not pay an attendant to gather up lost buggies in the parking lot.
  • Bring all those cute cheapo bags you buy at TJMAXX because you are going to need them. ALDI doesn't bag items, again this cuts down on prices for you. Bring your bags, save the earth and some money!  
  • There's a proper way to shop the aisles. Follow the first aisle as you walk in then continue to wind through the aisles until you end up at the register. In some stores they completely block off aisles to funnel traffic into a specific area. The aisles aren't wide enough for people to go in two different directions. Follow the traffic friends, it makes all of our lives easier. 
  • Grab a flyer, great deals are in the flyer and you might miss them! 
  • ALDI has new items and marked down items on Wednesdays in our store, find out when yours gets their delivery to save even more. 
  •  Some ALDI's only take cash, luckily ours doesn't. The one in Athens only takes cash to again, cut down on the middle man prices of using credit cards. Double check about how to pay at your local ALDI. 
  • When you check out, your attendant will need your buggy for the person behind you so leave it there, take the one with your items then go to the huge counter to bag your groceries.
  • Throw your items in your car and return your buggy to get your quarter back! 
Little Monkey and The Big Dawg love these fruit strips. They are 45 calories and have 8g of sugar. Great little on the go snack.
We are also big fans of the wafer rolls, yummmmy! 
Whole almonds from ALDI and basically the only almonds I will eat. With no salt they are delicious and nutritious! 
These kale salad mixes are half what I pay at our local grocery store. Definitely one of my favorite buys. 
 Cheap wine is yes, cheap wine... but this wine is so yummy and great to share at your next book club with mama friends! Plus look at cute that little owl is, he's winking y'all seriously!! 
Highly recommend the french vanilla coffee although not sure if the price is any cheaper than other stores. 
This sweet onion salsa is SO GOOD and fresh. We eat a lot of salsa at our house with chips, nachos, tacos, scrambled eggs. It's a must in our fridge. 
This chicken salad is to die for, so good with the crackers below as a dip. 
Ok, I have not tried the sweet chili crackers, however I have eaten my weight in the black sesame crackers. Holy cow they are delish! 
Their brussels sprouts are fresh and delicious, I like to roast them in the oven. I'm kind of a weirdo about microwaves and hate using them. I love fresh, hot food and the microwave doesn't give us that. Also not pictured is ALDI's frozen broccoli, it's a $1 a bag and the best, freshest broccoli you will ever eat. No stems, just really good (what we call) trees! 
These chips are also a family favorite, they go great with the sweet onion salsa. 

ALDI is a great store if you aren't hooked on getting name brand products. They have a mix match of everything, but their brand of products are delicious. Milk is cheap at $1.79, sometimes marked down as low as 49 cents! I hope this post gives you some ideas for what to buy at ALDI and hopefully gives you a little more confidence to check out a nontraditional store. 

Have you ever been to ALDI? 
If yes, what are your favorite products?
If no, does this post make you excited to visit one?!
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