Thursday, May 5, 2016

Books Read April 2016

Hi friends! Goodness has it been 3 weeks since I updated this space?! Whew. April was a busy month for our family. The Big Dawg's mission trip to Arizona to serve the people of the American Indian Christian Mission for 8 days has been an enormous blessing. Little Monkey and I were so excited to see him, every photo he sent from Arizona, his face beamed joy and pride in the work. God has placed us in situations that have shown us His glory. As we adjust back to normal life, The Big Dawg is suffering from after mission blues. I'm trying to be a supportive wife and suggesting opportunities for further volunteer work in our area to bring Jesus to those in need. 

Alrighty, let's get to April's books! 

American Housewife Stories is a collection of short stories from sassy housewives. Dark humor, enjoyable, irreverent, thought provoking. Reading this book was like hearing gossipy secrets at a moms' group. My favorite stories were Hello! Welcome to Bookclub and The Fitter.  

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly is the story of a cult leader death and the girl investigated for the murder while serving time in jail for an assault. This was a thrilling teen read, set in jail with flashbacks over the course of her time in the cult. I really enjoyed it! 

Confess was one of my favorite romantic reads of the year. This book kept popping up on Goodreads as a suggested read and I ignored it until I saw it at the library. Auburn and Owen's love story was a fun ride. Art, secrets, drama. This is a fun read. 

Chasing God, is an easy to read, flowy, and sassy book to straighten those of us out who are chasing after God. Angie Smith is a sarcastic writer and her tone takes a minute to get used to, so give her a chance and lighten up. It's mean to be an inspiring AND fun read. If you feel the need to pray the salvation prayer over and over again, this is probably the perfect book for you. 

Some of my favorite quotes from this book were:
"When we spend more of our time searching for assurance than we do acting out of belief, we are chasing God." 

"The notion that our Abba Father would dispense injury based on our ability to "carry it" is injurious to our relationship with Hi and casts light wrongly on our human capacity instead of His generous dispensation of grace."

"The enemy of my soul will not convince me that my circumstances reflect the way God is providing for me." 

Tricky-Twenty Two, I've read all the Stephanie Plum novels, but this was my first time listening to one. The characters came to life in this book! Grandma Mazur catfished with Plum's photo and that made for a funny storyline. All characters were the same with same action, Evanovich knows we will all keep reading her books to see who she chooses. Each one hints at marriage then snatches it away, *sigh*. 

Lying Out Loud is a companion book to The DUFF (read that review here) For those of you who read The DUFF, this is the story of Wesley's young sister's best friend. She is a chronic liar and is hiding a pretty huge secret that brought tears to my eyes. She makes some not so great choices, catfishing a boy into liking her. I'd recommend it to those who love a YA read. 

Lost Women of the Bible: Finding Strength & Significance through Their Sacrifices 
This was an encouraging Biblical read. Mrs. James stays true to her word to not "add" to the Word of God, but to show the beautiful encouragements we can gain from forgotten women. Like Mrs. Noah, it never occurred to me until this book how completely left out of Noah's story she is, or how Joseph is completely taken out of Mary's story as the chosen Mother. Refreshing read, I love reading books about women of the Bible! 
Favorite quote from the book: 

"From the dawn of creation, He refused to cordon Himself off in a place behind iron gates that admitted only dignitaries and blue bloods with the proper pedigree. By creating us to be His image bearers, He opened Himself up to a relationship with us that otherwise would have been hopelessly out of reach." 

Alright, those were my reads in April. What have you been reading? 

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