Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review of Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox

As most of y'all know I've been attempting a wheat, dairy, and corn free lifestyle. Some days are better than others...some days I have Bojangles for dinner, it's a process! Getting rid of wheat and dairy has been rather easy, although I've screwed up and had sips of Little Monkey's milkshakes every now and then... but corn?! It's in everything. Plus corn tortilla chips means basically I can never step foot in a Mexican restaurant again. So I've added more fresh foods to my diet and I'm more aware of what I'm eating every day.

Last week I decided it was the perfect time to do Dr. Oz's 3 day detox. I took a screenshot of this picture from Pinterest and headed to the store. I had most ingredients, but picked up the fresh veggies, fruit, and a probiotic. The next day I began the detox.

My Recommendations for Success
  • Have your measuring cup, spoons, and a knife next to your blender. (I was surprised by how much prep work went into each smoothie).
  • Chop all veggies up before adding them to your blender, I have a cheap one from Walmart, so I had to really dice my veggies. I used frozen fruit so they were all ready to go.
  • For the love of all things, PLEASE eat the lunch drink's celery and cucumber separately. On the first day I added those veggies into the smoothie and it came out slimy, chunky, and watery all at the same time. The texture was awful. The following day I just ate the veggie slices while my smoothie blended, it was a much better taste. Not cheating since it's all going in your stomach the same way!  
  • Complete the detox during 3 days where you don't need to be away from your kitchen for too long. On the 3rd day, my mom and I took Little Monkey to a park about an hour from home and I ended up eating a  raspberry lime popsicle for lunch. It was made from real ingredients (I read the label, always read your labels!!) but had to have something after walking around for so long.  
  • If at all possible, have husband's food ready beforehand. Encourage him to eat out for lunch and to make sandwiches for dinner so that you don't have to be over a stove drooling over the smell of chewable food ha!
  • Drink water, on day one I didn't drink anything but the smoothies, but day 2 I drank water when I started to feel hungry. It helped, plus it was so refreshing!
  • I'm not sure why it was recommended to buy 6 lemons. I ended up have 2 left over even though I was diligent in following the plan. I used extra lemon slices in my water to add to the detox experience.
  • ENJOY that bathtime, I loved having an evening bath, if you're a mama use this time to reeeelax and detox!

Overall Thoughts/Well-being
  •  Use this detox as a chance to get to know that hungry feeling again. Very quickly I started to notice feeling full vs feeling hungry. One day I realized I wanted a snack even though I wasn't hungry, that showed me how I was eating without needing nutrition.
  • I experienced some lower back pain on day 2, I Googled it and found that back pain during a detox is a sign that it's working to clean out those toxins!
  • By day 3 I was rather used to the smoothie regime and they tasted great to me. I was have minor anxiety about eating real food the next day. I survived,haha, but don't be surprised if it leaves your taste buds craving real food instead of junk. That's the effect I wanted, so I was pleased!
  • To be totally honest with y'all, I wasn't doing this for weight loss so it didn't occur to me to weight myself before and after. I wanted to complete the detox, to detox, but my stomach looked flatter after the 3 days of bloating and my skin had a nice healthy glow. 

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