Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mamas Inspired: Bible Study Essentials

Welcome to the newest series to Southern Hope! Ashley from Mama's Blessed and I have teamed up to bring to you what inspires us each week in our walks with the Lord. We are so excited to share and inspire you to draw closer to an amazing God!
I'm a firm believer that when we gather around a table or curl up on our couch with God's word in our hands inspirational moments can happen. Our lives fill with peace, the power of God moves us to change, serve, and worship. As a mom, I know that those moments can be hard to create so I put together a devotional bag to keep all my supplies together. I love being able to grab this bag and have access to what is encouraging my relationship with God that month.
  • Holy Bible
    • A devotional bag wouldn't be right without the most important thing in it, your Bible! I know many of us can easily look up a verse on our phones, but I adore holding my Bible in my hands. It's more personal and the pages get worn, cherished. The Bible pictured is a New Living Translation Bible given to me by The Big Dawg last Christmas and yes of course it's monogrammed!!!  
  • Cute bag
    • I found this bag at Hobby Lobby for $3 and it's the perfect size devotional bag. Plus it reminds me to be #crazythankful! 
  • Pens and colored pencils
    • I love highlighting my favorite Bible verses with a colored pencil and writing down quotes and more verses down with colorful pens. Years from now I hope I'm still writing with a hot pink or purple pen, life needs COLOR!
  • Little Book of Quotes Journal
    • Do you ever have those moments when you want to share an inspiring quote with a friend who desperately needs truth spoken into their life, but have no clue who said it or where it is in the Bible? Be like me and start a little book of quotes, it will help you!! I have quotes from Andy Stanley, Beth Moore, song lyrics from Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, and tons of Bible verses.  
  • Kleenex
    • There has yet to be a church service that hasn't brought me to tears. The outpouring of God's love overwhelms me during worship songs, at Bible study, and/or during a sermon. If you wear as much mascara as me, you need to carry a travel pack of Kleenex!
  • Books
    • I finished up Hoodwinked and Anything this past month. When I'm finished with my daily Esther bible study homework and still have time to spend focusing on God, I grab one of my Christian titles and read a chapter or two.
All these items together create a spiritually inspired woman and I feel like I can conquer the world!
What are your Bible Study Essentials?
Come back next week for how  moms can make time for devotionals!  

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