Monday, February 8, 2016

February Currently with a Grateful Heart

My goal of writing a book is getting more real every day. Or I guess I should say I'm seeing it as an obtainable goal. I've been so inspired to share what amazing events God has conquered in my 30 years on this earth not only in my life, but in my husband's. Would you buy my book dearest readers?
Meh. My rheumatoid arthritis has put a hurting on me this past winter (it's always worst in the cold months). With a new chiropractor working on me and my Humira shots taking their sweet time kicking in, I've been wobbly and less me lately. It's especially hard with a 2 year old who wants me to run, jump, and play!    
The Gilded Life of Matilda Duplaine
Have you heard of it? For some reason it's taken me forever to get into it, I've just had so much going on lately. And with 2 bible studies keeping me busy I forget to pick up my fiction read. Look for my January reads post this week.  
Political debates. I get SO INTO IT, y'all. Every presidential election I get so invested in all the drama and news. It's amazing as Americans we get a say in who our next leader will be, don't forget to vote!!    
I'm trying out vegetarianism to see if cutting out meat cuts down on my inflammation. I'm on day 3 of no meat and feeling lots of energy, so maybe there's something to this...

My courageous husband. The Big Dawg has decided to serve with a church team at the end of April on a mission trip. He will leave at the end of April to work with Native American children and families at the American Indian Christian Mission & Apache Youth Ministries in Show Low, Arizona. We need your generous help and prayers. If you would like to support him on this trip please send a donation to my paypal account [].
He is SO ready to share Christ, meet the physical needs of the school and the people. Please message me if you'd like to know more!
Talk radio, again politics. It's over 2 hours to get to my chiropractor so listening to the talking heads passes the time quickly.   
I'm crazy thankful y'all. Every day has been the best day ever, I have so much joy in my life and feel the need to share it with everyone. I'm blessed to be a blessing and I see that truth daily in my life as I love on those suffering around me. I always dreamed of having a home that welcomed those in emotional need and already I am seeing that dream come alive. My heart is so open to who and what God wants to place there.  
What are you currently up to this February?
A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey


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