Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Books Read January 2016

When I asked friends of mine what children's bible to get Little Monkey for Christmas The Jesus Storybook Bible was the winner by a landslide. Little Monkey unwrapped it at Christmas and started yelling, "Bible, Bible!" in his cute little Southern accent. My heart melted, but then I wanted to see what all the rage was about, so I read it. In a day. I couldn't put it down. And I cried at the end of just about every single chapter. The description says "every chapter whispers His name" and I couldn't agree more, each chapter ends with a link straight back to Jesus Christ. If you don't have this Bible already, you need to order it quick!

Metro Girl, Motor Mouth, and The Last Juror were all titles my aunt gave me from my uncle's collection of books. Having never read a John Grisham book The Last Juror left me wanting more of his courtroom dramas. I've always been a fan of Janet Evanovich, light hearted fast pace adventures, this series is about Barney and Hooker with a NASCAR Miami theme running in the background.

The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). Y'all. Am I getting too old or turning into a prude? There was not this much sex in books when I was in high school, or maybe there was and I just didn't find those books when I went to the library?!?! The story is about a girl who seeks "comfort" *winky face* in the playboy of the school after her mom leaves her dad. I watched the movie after I read the book and it was really different, both good stories, however my mama approval rating is low on this one!!

Three Wishes was a great read if you love Liane Moriarty as much as I do. I love how her stories keep you guessing till the last page. This great read is about triplets and their many dramas. I really enjoyed it.

Red Queen, HAVE YOU READ IT?!?!! This is the new YA series everybody is raving about and I can't wait to read the new book out this month. It's about a world divided by the color of people's blood red or silver. Mare, a red blood, has a god-like superpower that only silver bloods should have, so the King plans a coverup and it's just super good y'all. Romance, adventure, dystopia all that good stuff!!

The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God with Jep and Jess Robertson two of my favorites from Duck Dynasty. Although, The Big Dawg and I haven't watched the show in a while I always thought Jess was so gorgeous and that Jep was a total goofball. Our library had this book in and it was a quick read. My only problem with the book is a story they share of a really hard time they went through together and I felt like they rushed over it in the book. I wish they had spent more time talking about how tough it was, how they got through it, because it just didn't give me enough information as a reader...

Book reviews are always a tough post for me because I don't want to give away spoilers while also sharing what new books I've read. If you want to know more message me in the comments, I love talking books!
Happy Wednesday! 

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