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Top 5 Most Viewed Posts of 2015

Welcome back to Southern Hope!
2016 whoop whoop!
I hope y'all had a lovely Christmas break and an awesome New Years! So excited you are starting 2016 out by visiting this space. I was a little shocked by some of my most read posts, the highest coming in at 717 clicks. Whew, for this shy girl it's a little crazy to think people would want to read anything I have to say, but thank you thank you thank you...

Here's what readers read the MOST on Southern Hope in 2015:

Break Over!
This was one of the hardest posts to write and publish on the blog. I shared with readers after 10 years of believing in the LDS church, I no longer wanted to attend, nor believe in it any longer. Many personal moments led up to this one post, I had been secretly struggling for a long time before ever speaking up about my feelings, many personal experiences that I was not and will never be comfortable sharing over this space. Those close to me know how tough and painful of a decision it was... As an update, I'm happy to share that this past December The Big Dawg and I accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and made public declarations of our beliefs by baptism. We are beyond excited for the passions and desires God has put on both of our hearts to serve our local community and share in the joy of our risen Savior.

Waiting on Baby #2
This post was therapeutic to write, but the most amazing part of it was the comments. Y'all reached out and shared in ways that really resonated with me and I am so grateful, thank you.
Besides personal belief posts, second to that as being difficult to share are posts about our struggles to conceive. In the 6 years we've been married, we've never used birth control, have one beautiful son and one sweet angel in heaven. (Because I feel the need to inform the less informed) If a couple has not conceived after a year of trying they are diagnosed with infertility (and trust me there's so much of that going on around here multiple times cycle after cycle we are both tired of it, just give me a baby already sheesh!). A diagnosis does not mean they will never have children, it means they will need medical treatments and a whole lot of patience to get that sweet miracle. If you are going through this, know I'm there praying for you and here to help with support and love.

Golden Vlog Series
On a lighter note, who knew y'all would enjoy seeing this dork face so much?! Geez! I was so nervous to post a video on the blog, but it mixed up the creative juices and helped me get out of my comfort zone eek!! Vlogging is just another way for readers to get to know me on a personal level, hey I'm normal and super silly behind this insanely gorgeous blog HA!  

Blogger Men Tell All: The Big Dawg and Coach  
In April I interviewed my dad and husband in one of my favorite linkups. Check out the post for their fun answers, I'm in a family of loony tunes and I love it!

How to Create and Run a Local Moms Group
I can't begin to tell you the amazing changes this group has brought to the local community. God has been at work with this project and we have created friendships that I hope will last throughout our lives. Since starting up in April, we currently have 2 additional admins and 300 members. Amazing!!! More moms are in the know in our town and I'm excited to see where we are headed in 2016.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Southern Hope over the past year!
What are some of your favorite posts or posts from other bloggers in 2015?
Did YOU happen to notice a new, lovely face on my sidebar today?
The amazing wife and mother, Brittany, has joined me on the blog. I'm excited for y'all to get to know her blog Everyday Thoughts and follow her through her journey. From Ohio to Memphis to Atlanta, this former college athlete and I share a bond over knee injuries (ouch) and motherhood. She's the mother of two boys and posts crazy cute pictures of them on her Instagram as well as mama tips and adorable coffee mugs.
Go tell her hi!

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