Monday, January 11, 2016

I Am A Selfish Mother

There's no doubt in my mind, I'm as selfish as they come. I have a tendency to wrap my sweet boy up in so much love and excitement that I don't want to share him with anybody else. Sure, I let The Big Dawg into our cocoon on occasion... but when we are home and it's just me and him... he and I... Oh it does my heart good.

You see, he asks mama to play "blockos" and if somebody else were in the room, he would ask them to play and well... I always enjoy a game of blocks!
When he wants cheese, he says "mama cheese!" and I'm the one who gets to open up the fridge for his little hands to find the cheese drawer...
When I see him greet others with a "hey" at church, the grocery store, when he walks in the door of anybody's house... I am proud, I am selfishly proud of my little man.
And oh goodness, when he comes at me with those hazely doe eyes and asks for a "bottle" every part of me screams I WILL GET YOU ALL THE MILK IN THE WORLD IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!!!!

I'm completely aware of how selfish I am and I refuse to feel bad about it. When my son reaches for me, I hold him. When he wants to sit in my lap for a book, I let him. These years are flying by (please don't remind me of a certain boy's birthday coming up, I will ugly cry). If he wants to run naked as a jaybird through the house in the dead of winter... I turn the heat up.

He is my baby and I am his mama...
oh how happy are we.
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