Friday, January 22, 2016

Embarrassing Title: SAHM

Today I want to to talk about the embarrassment over being a stay at home mother. For whatever reason, there are women in my generation who are not only ashamed, but embarrassed by this title. Some of their friends are probably in their careers, others might have friends who are working moms. But when asked "what do you do for a living?" These stay at  home moms slowly mumble "I'm a stay at home mom..." 
and why?

What is so wrong with being the main source for your child? Where is the embarrassment for being the one who wakes them up in the morning and puts them in bed at night? What is the shame in being the one to make their meals, take them to the library, and play with them at the park? Why is it embarrassing to run a household, budget, pay the bills, clean, grocery shop, make dinner, and plan, plan, plan. 

Am I missing something? 
What's embarrassing about any of that?!
What is shameful

Here's the problem.
Women try to fit EVERYTHING into our lives at once. We think we need to be skinny, beautiful, organized, crafty, workaholics, while also taking care of kids, organizing fundraisers, and keeping up with local events. 

It's not possible. 

What we can do is cherish each season in life. Right now I am in the season of motherhood and what a joyous time that is for me! Later, I'll be in a season of going back for a degree or traveling with my spouse or working on my career. 

For now though, I'm a stay at home mom. 

And that title deserves respect and admiration. 

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