Friday, January 8, 2016

Books Read in December 2015

As 2015, came to and end I finished up some really great reads. Maybe you can add them to your to read list for 2016!

Let's All Be Brave
This was a quick, easy read. I would even call it a fluffy read, it wasn't exactly life changing. Annie shares growing up in Georgia and going to college at UGA which made me looove her and she encouraged Christian women to be brave and stop overthinking everything!
Out of the Spin Cycle
Jen Hatmaker is my girl. She is on my level, I love her humor, and her uplifting words on grace. This is the perfect book for moms in need of happy thoughts and encouraging messages.

I've been reading this graphic novel series for a while now and the ending was AHHHH crazy, so I'm excited to see what happens next!

All the Bright Places
I read this book for our local moms book club. Some of the moms said it was a knock off of The Fault in Our Stars and I can see that connection. However, TFIOS was ruined for me being a librarian. I knew way ahead of time the ending to the book, so when I read it there wasn't that huge emotional attachment for me. But with All the Bright Places, I went into it not really knowing what the story was about and the characters pulled me in. I adored Finch, only predicting the ending once I read the author's note in the middle of the story (don't read it till the end y'all!!). I really liked the ending and recommend it to teens and those wanting a fictional look into Bipolar disorder.

The Greatest Gift
Our moms bible study group studied this for advent season. We started reading it around Thanksgiving and finished our discussion before Christmas. I highly recommend this book for women wanting to get into the spirit of worship before Christmas. I plan on reading it again and answering the discussion questions next Christmas. It's a great book for reflection and praise for Jesus Christ's birth.

Bone Gap
This book was so different from anything else I read in 2015. It started out with normal characters is a quirky small town and by the end we were exploring another realm with creatures and I still think about the ending like whaatttttttt.... I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've read it! I love books that get us out of our comfort zones.

Recommended by a friend, I absolutely adored this book. Willowdean is a self proclaimed fat girl in Texas (don't you love it already?!). She is such a loveable character and Goodreads has it as book #1, my fingers are crossed there will be a sequel!

See Me
The latest Nicholas Sparks did not disappoint. I loved the characters, loved the plot, a romantic thriller... MMA boyfriend with anger issues. It was a great read!

I met my goal of reading 50 books in 2015 by reading 109!
Somebody needs to get a life right?!
Ha I just love reading!!
What did you read in December? 

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