Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Guest Posting My Tips on Moving!

Thanks for stopping by Southern Hope today! I'm guest posting over on Britt's blog, My Little Sunshines. Here's a snippet of what I'm talking about today:

·  When I was in Utah, I had to actually *gasp* buy boxes from a local store. That was na├»ve of me and I've learned my lesson. Once you've decided to move, immediately notify all friends/family that you are moving. Moms can save their diaper boxes for you (great for packing), friends can save boxes from the grocery store, and if you are lucky and have a friend in IT you might get your hands on some super huge computer boxes. 

·  Once you have a huge mound of boxes, place them in every room of your house. It's ok if they get in the way, let's face it life is going to be a mess for the next 6 months for you anyway *wink*. 

·  As you go throughout your day, throw items in boxes you are no longer using. Once the box is full, tape it up and mark it with what's inside and what room it will go into in your new place. 

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