Thursday, November 19, 2015

Halloween Monster Door

I know Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but I just had to get this Halloween door post up for y'all. I had so many compliments online about it, but y'all wouldn't believe the compliments I had in person from trick or treaters (and their moms ha!). So maybe as you happy visiting readers stop by today, y'all could just click that pin it button and keep it on your boards as a fun idea for next year?!?! Yes, yes let's do that hmmmm k?

Alrighty, this is SO simple I can't even! It costs around $6 to make. And because I'm lazy this guy, a couple pumpkins (that we got solely because I wanted to roast the seeds), and some ghosts in the front yard are all the decorations I did this year for Halloween.

All the supplies came from the Dollar Tree.
I bought:
2 black sheets of cardboard paper, the real thick kind
1 white sheet of carboard paper, the real thick kind
1 box of black garbage bags
1 package of Halloween d├ęcor (the spiders, cats, webs)
Buy a red sharpie if you don't already have one!
Let me go ahead and apologize for the poor quality pictures. EEK!
For the eyes:
Cut black sheets into eye brows (get as creative as you want!)
Cut 2 large white circles
Cut 2 smaller black circles
Glue them together and add the blood shot look with the red sharpie.  
For the stiches and bolts:
Cut them into what I call train tracks.
Cut 2 rectangular squares and glue them together in a T shape.
For the mouth:
I've seen many variations on this, so do a quick Google or Pinterest search and you can find lots of great ideas. I wanted to create a goofy monster so our teeth were round and had that.. bucked teeth look hahaah!
Cut the white sheets into ovals, some people do points or even had a chipped tooth, so again be creative!
Sidenote: Please disregard the ragged chair in the left of this pic, they are getting recovered before Thanksgiving (post on that coming soon!) and yes that is my lovely foot to the right hahaha.
For the hair:
Fold one garbage bag over the door letting as much hang over as possible. Tape the top of it to the back of your door.
Use scissors to cut the garbage bag for a shaggy hair look like this.   
WHEW here's the finished product!

Image Map

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