Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finding the Keys

I've been going through immense spiritual changes recently. I've been made alive, I've found joy, I've found glory that has brought me to my knees in gratitude. These are thoughts I long to share with readers. I have struggled recently to share my experiences for fear of offending others. It's been brought to my attention that written words about my past have come across rude, arrogant, and preachy. If there is one great thing about blogging it's that those comments are only on a screen and not to my face.
They still hurt.
I have joy and hope in Jesus Christ. I have found my peace and rest in Him. Daily, I spend time with Grace, Hope, Charity, and welcome His Spirit in our home. He has covered all those pains.

God created us for His glory, He blesses us to become blessings for others and somehow I have quickly lost track of that through worrying about what others might say if I express my love of Jesus Christ. I know that isn't what God is calling me to do. He calls us to do the uncomfortable, the radical, the unpopular. I lived many years trying to please others terrified of what they might think to know the truth. Now it's time for me to speak my truth with no fear.

Friends, you are always welcome here at Southern Hope. There are no hurtful words you could say to me, no issue, problem, nor sin... nothing could keep me from wanting to love on you, to send you hugs, to let you know you are adored by an amazing God who longs to know you better. 

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