Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Books Read October 2015

I have to say after reading Where She Went, I finally understand why If I Stay is so popular. I'm not sure why these two books couldn't just be combined into a larger novel, but that's just me....

I read the iZombie graphic novel series as a Halloween treat this year. I enjoy reading something a little spooky and these were a fun read, I started watching the TV show based on the graphic novels. The ending to the series was disappointing, but I liked the story line and characters.

The Distance Between Lost and Found was a great YA read. Hallelujah and two other kids on a youth group retreat get lost in the Smoky Mountains. I enjoyed it because I knew the area the author described, love that part of the country!

Oh goodness, People I Want to Punch in the Throat had me rolling in some chapters. It's a mix of essays from the author's blog, I've never heard of Jenn Mann till I saw this book at the library. She was hilarious, check this one out for some light fun reading!

I was disappointed with I'll Have What She's Having. I expected more effort in her descriptions of the diet, but it was mainly her trying a diet for a couple days then describing the actress behind the diet. It was interesting.... but I wouldn't say it's high on my list of recommendations for y'all.

Finding Audrey was a fantastic book!!!! Audrey and her family were such lovable characters, I rarely give 5 stars but this book was so entertaining!

Tilt ughhhhhhhhhhhh why do I read this stuff?! Every time a new Ellen Hopkins book comes out, I snatch it up like I forgot how bad the previous book made me feel. It's a terrible cycle. Hopkins gets deep into teen angst and issues, all her characters are dysfunctional. This book frustrated me, I wouldn't recommend it to women struggling to get pregnant.

Crazy Love, a friend of mine gave me a huge stack of Christian books. She told me her house was a Lifeway (Christian store) library and I am so grateful she shared! I almost skipped over this book and I am so glad I didn't. I devoured it, I couldn't get enough of Chan and his relentless praise of a mighty God. His words inspired me so much that when I finished it, The Big Dawg was worried I was going to list our brand new home and move our family to Africa haha!! I have his book Forgotten God and I can't wait to start reading it!

How did y'all feel about Wedding Night? I'm on a bit of a Sophie Kinsella kick and this book was...meh. I felt like the whole story could've been wrapped up sooner, Fliss was co dependent and way too involved in her sister Lottie's life. I'm the type of reader who takes on the characters, their stories become real for me and this was a little hard for me to get on board with... I'm curious to know what others think of this book...

Chew Vol. 8 Family Recipes, are any of you graphic novel lovers? I've been following the Chew series for a while now and love the characters and story line! This was another fun read with Anthony Chu!

Emma, I LOVE the Magna classic series. How cool is it to see Jane Austen in magna?! I'd like to read some others I saw at the library like The Scarlet Letter.

Radical was the second book I read from my friend's collection. Another great book that helped me reflect on the goodness of God and how I can focus more on Him in my life. Platt helps readers realize the importance of investing in the Word instead of the American dream. By realizing we are blessed to be a blessing... well that changes the game doesn't it?! Loved this book!

What do you read this October? 

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