Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Books Read September 2015

I'm amazed I got any reading done in September. We moved into our house the first weekend of September and it's been busy, busy, busy ever since. I can't believe how much we've gotten done since then! It will be amazing to see where we are a year from now in our new home. 

Enclave, great book, but after reading In The End and In The After I don't think I was ready for yet another end of the world series. I've been told to take a break and read the next two books in this series later, so apparently it IS good for those of you into this type of YA fiction. 

The Godmakers, an older book (published in the 1980s) but one I felt the need to read to add to the list of books I felt inappropriate reading while still attending the LDS church. It was an emotionally written book which made a lot of it seem too... out there. Unveiling Grace still continues to be the standout to me in books written by ExMormons. 

Coming Clean, I talked about this one on Instagram, but for those of you not following me there (which you totally should be and can be clicking HERE). I compared it to Glass Castle which was another memoir dealing with a dysfunctional family. There are scenes from both of these books, I won't ever forget. Coming Clean is a memoir written by a now famous author and blogger (whoop whoop) who was raised in the home of a hoarding father and compulsive shopping mother. This book made me want to clean out my closets, give her a hug, and yes I DID cry at the end... don't judge me. 

Between Sundays, I'm new to the world of Karen Kingsbury, but was told to read this one and it was a great read!! Once I got into the story it was hard to stop reading. It's about a foster kid looking for his father who may or may not be a famous NFL quarterback. 

If I Stay, Ok when I read the first book I did NOT get what all the hype was about, it was good, but I kept thinking why would they make this into a movie?! Now that I've read the 2nd book (as of today) I absolutely loved the story. I guess the first book just didn't move me as much hearing the story from Mia as it did hearing it from Adam. I'm looking forward to watching the movie some time this week. 

When the Emperor Was Divine, if you are looking for a quick, but emotional read check out Julie Otsuka. I also read Buddha in the Attic when it first came out and couldn't believe her powerful writing. Otsuka is the only author I've read who can write one sentence and pack history and emotion in just a couple of words. It's amazing and I adore her writing style. 

Mended, I've been picking up a lot of Christian lit books lately wherever I can find them. This one I actually passed by when I saw it at the library because I was being a snob about only reading LDS authors when it came to spiritual books. I'm glad I picked it up again, Angie Smith wrote a beautiful book with Mended. I was brought to tears by the merciful love God has for all His children and my heart was truly mended by the end of this great book. I look forward to more by her and other Christian authors. 

Those Girls, I've read every book by Chevy Stevens since she first entered our library as a debut author and every single time I finish her books I think... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did I just read that?! No, no, not because they are badly written. Quite the opposite. They are disturbing and each book has characters that have horrible events take place that leave me wanting a happy ending, but do I get it?! Absolutely not. It's a roller coaster of non stop reading whenever I pick up her books. After I'm finished, I make sure and read a couple happy chick lit books to get my mind right again, ha! 

Alright get to sharing!
 I absolutely LOVE IT when y'all get into book discussions on my Instagram. 
Let's start one here on the blog! 
What did you read this past September? 
Any suggestions for me? 

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