Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Visit to Our Backyard

Happy Tuesday readers! Welcome to my backyard! 
I am the worst about before and after pictures, but if you were visiting our first week at our new house, this area would have been covered in weeds and overgrown plants. We have ripped them all out and planted grass, which we hope survives the winter. If you were visiting, we could set up a picnic in this area, there's tons of space for our littles to run around and for us to sit and chat.  
If you were visiting in the evening, this area is a great place to set up a movie night. Our goal for the future is to have a screen up on the hill for kids and friends to come over and watch a movie with us. This is also the part of the yard that has clear skies, perfect for star gazing or a family camp out spot. 
And then... 

We would love to have you over to roast hot dogs and smores around our fire pit. 
If you were visiting when we first moved in, you would have seen the coy fish in the pond, sadly they were captured by a raccoon not soon after we moved in, so for now we are filling it with rocks to have a rock filled waterfall.  
My mom, being the Southern mama she is, is going to have a comment about the hot mess that is this picture, but this is exactly what it looks like right now and I'm trying to keep it real with y'all. It's a work in progress and probably our next clean up this coming weekend. 
Yesterday, The Big Dawg and I mowed through another area of weeds straight ahead to the right of this picture above.
We cut and chopped and hacked at hundreds of thorns and weeds to clear that space.   
All of this right here... came from that one space! 
If you were to visit right now, you would see a beautiful start to our backyard. Lots of work ahead, but every weekend we make a little more progress. 
And finally, our newest additions... furniture (I'm still looking for cute pillows and cushions)! If you were to visit today, we would sit out on the porch and share stories, while the kids play in the yard. I would probably have a fruit bowl, coffee, and some sort of pastry because well you are special and we don't get many visitors around here, ha! 
Hope you enjoyed this visit to our backyard!
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