Monday, September 21, 2015


Sometimes I avoid writing on Southern Hope because I don't have a fancy graphic or a real purpose to my writing. It feels like I' babbling if I write for too long and I often edit posts down to where they feel silly so I delete them. 

Today I want to share some simple, but honest thoughts I've had recently: 

Motherhood is fulfilling.
Motherhood is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. 
Guilt takes over my days, am I not doing enough? Is there more to be done? Is it bad to sit on the couch while my husband is working?
I'm so tired. 
If I see one more wet towel on the floor I'm going to lose it! 
If one more unpacked box comes through the door I'm going to lose it! 
If I get one more bill in the mail I'm going to lose it! 
My son is so cute, I could cry he is so cute.
I want another baby.
But I'm so tired. 
My son is so cute, I can't believe how precious he is, he needs a sibling. 
Why is Sunny Day scratching? Oh my gosh, if she has fleas I'm going to lose it! 
Hmmmm, the coffee is delicious this morning. 
I wonder if the other moms in my group like me?
I really want to spend more time with that one mom, she is so cool. 
I can't believe we bought a  house. What were we thinking?!?!
I love it when Little Monkey and The Big Dawg play outside together. 
Our backyard is awesome.
Is it time to mow the grass again already? 
I want to have a house warming party. 
If I do a party I'll have to cook, ugh I'm tired just thinking about it.
All our friends could come over!
What if they don't get along? 
What if they do...
And it would make such a a cute blog post! 

That's all for now friends, hope you have a lovely Monday! 

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