Monday, September 28, 2015

My Heart Delights

With all Fall has to bring with its cold weather, football games, family visits, and delicious foods what better way to start this season that with a grateful heart?! 
Here's the latest:

  • I'm so grateful for my local moms small group. I've been meeting each Friday with some absolutely amazing godly women while we study Restless by Jennie Allen. Our meetings have been balm to my hurting soul and Little Monkey has new friends too! 
  • The Big Dawg and I are slowly getting more involved with a local Christian church. It's the largest church in our town and for a while that was hard for me. I saw many people from my past and since I live in a small town, that can be awkward. Also? I didn't want to decide on it because it feels like a mega church, but ya know what? There's a reason mega churches are SO successful. It's because their kids programs are amazing, their music is refreshing and helps us get our worship on, the fellowship is outstanding, even the chairs have pens for us to take notes in the bulletin (which has a week long devotional to help us reflect on that week's message together as a couple). It's been a blessing from God and our hearts delight in Him. 
  • I'm overwhelmed by the love I have for our little home. After 6 years of marriage, to have our very own place with this location, this square footage, in this neighborhood... well it's nothing short of a miracle! We have settled in nicely with no injuries during the move (ha!). We've been here barely a month and this sweet little house has earn the title: HOME. Watching Little Monkey run from our living through the kitchen and into his playroom, cooking breakfast for my boys, taking naps in our quiet master bedroom, having friends over for smores, walking through our acre of land and seeing all the potential it has for memory making. This is what LIFE is all about people and I can't wait to live it! 

  • The Big Dawg and I have also joined a marriage and family small group that meets every other Sunday. We have met with several other couples to support and pray for each other. Yesterday was our first time hosting at our house EEK, it was lots of fun having everybody over! I'm excited to see how God works in each of our lives.
  • My parents are in good health, I'm grateful every day for their involvement in my son's life. My dad is already counting down the months till he can get a tennis racquet  in Little Monkey's hands. I'm excited to watch the bond continue to grow between him and his loving grandparents. 
  • This past week I had to opportunity to babysit my little nephews. They are actually my cousins, but I like to call them my nephews since I'm an only child ha! The boys came over for a full 24 hours and I had a blast experiencing what life would be like with 3 boys. And of course it rained the whole time they were here so we spent lots of time in the house making up games. They played with their little cousin, drew on the chalkboard, played Gofish and Memory, we went to the mom group, and fed popcorn to the birds in the backyard. I was teary eyed when the boys left, they filled the house with lots of noise and laughter! 

What are you grateful for today?

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