Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Books Read August 2015

I'm getting closer to reaching my goal of 100 books in 2015. Here's my review of August's books. 

Killer Within is the second book in the Killer Instinct series and I have to say it just gets more and more disturbing. It holds true to the genre of a young adult thriller. I compared the first book to Dexter for teens and this one was similar to the first. Less sexual scenes, but just as dark and twisted. 

Out of Mormonism is a book written in 2001 by LDS coverts who later left and formed the organization Concerned Christians to help LDS members find the Biblical Christ. This book wasn't what I like to call "life changing", but it was a good book for those looking for comfort after leaving the church I would recommend it. I'll get to why I am reading these "types"of books later in my post. 

In the After and In the End, ooooohhhh man did I love these books! A young adult apocalyptic novel with political agendas, zombie attacks and end of the world type chaos. I know you are rolling your eyes saying, seriously another novel with zombies?! Aren't they all the same?! Yes, but this one is GOOD!! Sadly, it isn't a series, but I respect the author for making that choice. I think Lunetta did a great job wrapping up the story and drawing it out into a trilogy might have bored readers. MANY authors should follow her example and try wrapping up their stories sooner. 

I finished the last of Jenny Han's series, The Summer I Turned Pretty. It was a good series, but I would suggest she take the advice given above, is that rude? I enjoyed the characters, definitely a teen read, young love and all that, but it could have been one book and done just fine. 

Leaving the Saints was another Ex Mormon book I read, although this one has stood out from the rest. It reads more like a memoir because the author is Martha Beck, Hugh Nibley's (a famous LDS apologist) daughter. She talks more about issues with her father than her journey out of the church. This book doesn't disappoint. I even got The Big Dawg to read it because I felt like her words could heal some of the pains he endured from his past. She came from a dysfunctional family and with a famous father in the church she struggled with living a life true to her story. It's hard to read in some parts, there's abuse and situations that just broke my  heart for her. Many of called her a liar, but I believe her story and wish I could give her a huge hug for having the courage to tell it. 

99 Days another young adult novel, I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads and basically said it was ok... this girl cheated on her boyfriend and it created a love triangle that as the reader I didn't care much about, I didn't cheer the main character on, more like hated her for who she was and the drama she brought on herself. It was just... meh. 

Making Pretty is a novel I would recommend to those who love a good teen read! There were deep thoughts throughout the book, some sentences I had to reread because they were so moving and poetic. Two sisters with a plastic surgeon dad, lots of greatness! I enjoyed all the character plots, loved it! 

Wonder Women of the Bible was an uplifting read about amazing women from the Bible. It was a simple read, nothing too in depth, but a great review of the wonderful women from the Bible and how we can emulate their examples into our own life situations.  

Some of my LDS readers might be bothered by my current reading list because of the ExMormon books. These types of books have helped me in my journey out of the church. As I said before, I won't be writing AntiMormon posts on the blog, I want to create an atmosphere of sharing my love for Jesus Christ and my journey in Him. Reading these books and talking with other ExMormons has reminded me that I'm not the first, nor the last person to leave the church. It helps me to feel like I'm not so alone in my decision. Those of you who are not members of the LDS church might be confused by this statement, so I'll just end it with the explanation that LDS members are discouraged from reading AntiMormon literature and are asked to not associate with it. For 10 years, I ran across titles like these and was terrified of them, I thought they were evil. I even ripped up a book I found in my parent's home once that was against the church. It hurt me to my core when I was a member, now that I'm not I see things much differently. By reading these types of books, I am offending some of my LDS friends and as much as I hate hurting anyone's feelings, I have to do what is best for me and if reading these former members' stories helps my own, I feel like I am being true to who I am... Alright then, carry on! 

What did you read this past month?

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