Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blogger Men Tell All is BACK!

I have missed this linkup, it is by far one of my favorites because I get to interview The Big Dawg! He's a mess y'all, he's a great provider for our family, a hard worker, he supports me in my dreams, he loves me as a mother and wife, and is easy going as long as he has some Dr. Pepper on hand!

Do you know what you’ll be for Halloween this year?
(Little Monkey yells noooo in the background) 
 (Last year we were milk and cookies, he was a milk carton, I was a plate of cookies, and Little Monkey was cookies that fell off my plate. Everything came from The Dollar Tree to make our costumes. I'm having a hard time getting creative this year and hope a cute idea pops in my head soon. I love family costumes!) 
What is your favorite fall treat?
White fudge oreos. No! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 
(he's just saying that because I made them the other day and now he gets why I lurrrve them).
YOU, you're my favorite treat *growls* 
(Little Monkey makes a purring noise in the background) 
What TV shows are you enjoying this Fall?
Fear the Walking Dead 
Walking Dead
I'll catch up on Grey's and Scandal through you 
(I'm too chicken to actually watch TWD, so he tells me the story line after each episode, I do something similar with Grey's and Scandal)  

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2015?
Knocking you up.

Blogger Men Tell All
Oh my boys, they are my world! I can't wait to see what the men in your life said this month. This linkup lasts all month long so sit your hubby, dog, bird, or son down, pull out those answers from him, and link up with us! 

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