Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reality Check

Whenever I get too many compliments on social media (thank you, you're way too sweet) I feel like a reality check is needed. The last thing I want is for readers and followers to think I've got it all figured out or that I'm portraying a not so real look at my life. So here are some I'm not perfect and I have issues examples.

  • I have an addiction to sweets. It's real and it's a problem. 
  • I'm a nail biter, I had no nails left waiting for our house to close.
  • I get irritable when I don't get enough time to myself. 
  • I can't draw, paint, sketch... I have zero artistic ability. 
  • I'm terrible at math. Have no clue how to tip waitresses and couldn't divide, subtract, or multiple to save my life.  
  • I work out a lot, but I love to eat so basically I'll be forever curvy. 
  •  I'm not impressed by name brands. If you set a Gucci bag versus a Target bag in front of me I couldn't tell the difference between the two... and knowing my tastes I'd probably choose the Target bag to my mother's dismay. I once had a roommate brag about her 7 jeans, I asked her where she bought them for $7 bucks, she looked at my like I was crazy... I had no idea it was a name brand. 
  •  I worry that I talk too much and that people don't like me all. the. time. 
  • When people are mean to me it bothers me for months, when really they aren't worth my time. Sometimes people just want to be cruel for no reason and it's not our problem to try and figure out why. 
  • Being a mother to my son brings me the greatest joy imaginable. That is real and it always will be, I know these are the best years of my life. I'm not sugar coating or exaggerating when I talk to y'all about the joys of being a mom. It brings me so much happiness and has always been my dream. 

Do you have a reality check you'd like to share? 

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