Monday, August 3, 2015

Break Over!

One of the most difficult issues a blogger goes through is how much to share with readers. Today's post is hard for me to write. After breaking the news to close family and friends I can now share it with my blog readers. 
The Big Dawg and I have decided to no longer attend the LDS church. For a while now, I was the great portrayal of a Mormon woman, I put on my mask to do the things I knew were necessary to help in our local congregation. I was miserable trying to serve both God and the church.  I was doing everything possible to make it work for me and it just didn't. I knew at some point, when my mind caught up with my heart I would have to leave. 

It saddens me for the friends I will lose, but I know this was the right choice for me and for my family. And like my mama always said, those friends that are real friends will be my friend no matter what. I needed my cup to "overfloweth" with a love of Christ once again. I believe in Jesus Christ, I'm a Christian, all is not lost

What I do need more than anything is respect for my decision.This will be the last you hear of our time in the church, I want to move on with this blog space and express my excitement as my relationship in Christ grows day by day! 

This post is a cleansing of my soul, a renewal for things to come, and explanation for those that so sweetly have worried about me. I'm excited to share my journey as we figure out where we belong. 
Here's a little about our journey so far...

Our God has a since of humor, oh does He ever. There we were closing on a house, meeting with a fertility specialist, and here He comes placing the idea into my mind the need to find a new church home. It would have been easy to say, hmmmm not right now Lord, I'm happy where I am, but the prompting came more and more till finally I had to speak to The Big Dawg who was having similar feelings. God blessed us to be on the same page, so early on. We are in this life together and always will be. God is good and His ways are not our ways. 
We haven't settled on one specific church yet, although I'm leaning towards a nondenominational Christian church. Many of our friends have said they would love to have us at their churches, but all have encouraged us to search for the best one that fits our needs. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support readers have shown me. And what I continue to need right now is support and love, thanks for reading...

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