Friday, July 10, 2015

Foodie Friday: Chicken Veggie Pasta

I think about y'all when I'm starting to cook. Food has always been a fun hobby in my life. It's something new or old, it can be a great conversation starter, and food brings people comfort. So whenever I start the stove, I think hmmmm is this something I can share with readers? I had no clue what to call this, so there you have it Chicken Veggie Pasta. It was one of those meals that came straight out of the fridge and pantry. It wasn't that pretty, but turned out to be delicious.

I used a bag of diced chicken, added them to the pan with olive oil and herbs de provence. Then I sliced up the sweet mini peppers and added them to the pan. I boiled some pasta, drained it, then added seasoned diced tomatoes. I put it all together and I'm telling y'all it was delicious! Simple, easy, nutritious and filling.    

What did you enjoy cooking this week? 

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