Monday, June 1, 2015

Living in a Multi-generational Home

multigenerational home

Today I'd like to share with y'all our current living situation. As a way to make it not weird I wanted to be open and honest about why we are currently living with my parents, how we make it work, and why we actually ENJOY it. 

At 19, I moved to Provo, Utah to attend Brigham Young University. For 3 years my life was full of fun Western adventures. After The Big Dawg completed his mission, he moved to Vernal, Utah and worked in the oil fields. Through various career choices he found himself back in Tennessee, where we finally met and fell in love

Once we were married, we moved into our first apartment and enjoyed being so close to campus and downtown life. Two years later, The Big Dawg was accepted at The University of Georgia. We got an apartment in Athens and I applied for jobs in the area for a solid year. Sometimes applying to 7 jobs in a day. I continued to work at the library and live with my parents while supporting my husband through college. I drove up every weekend and we planned vacations for the holidays he had off from school. When he finally graduated, we made plans to move to Athens permanently. 

But, as we all know the Lord has other plans, plans we can't imagine or see until they come to fruition. The Big Dawg didn't get the job he thought he would in Athens, so while he applied, I had a baby and continued to work. We moved back in with my parents and finally he got a job at our local college in my hometown. The same one I worked at for close to 5 years! 

So you might be wondering why we would continue to live with my parents after my husband became employed. Right? 

To be totally honest, we just make it work
And here's how:

Benefits of Multi-generational Living 
  1. Savings!! This is a tough economy and when we all support one another in our careers we all benefit from it. My parents are close to retirement, but continue to work for the love of their careers. The Big Dawg is just starting out, but wants to further his education. And so do I! My parents have a hard time running a household, we have a hard time wanting to live the type of lifestyle we enjoy while also wanting significant security in our savings. What better way to support one another than to live under the same roof where we share all the burdens of daily living. 
  2. Travel!! Because we live with my parents, we have the opportunity to travel way more than we ever could if we were paying for our own place. 
  3. Companionship!! The Big Dawg has to travel often for work, I enjoy going with him, but sometimes I have other responsibilities and can't. Instead of being home alone, I have my mom to hang out with or my dad to play tennis with while my husband is away. 
  4. Babysitters!! We have been blessed by two amazing people who adore being grandparents to our son. They love watching him and give The Big Dawg and I frequent date nights to strengthen our marriage. 
  5. Family!! I'm truly grateful to be able to see my parents every single day. I feel immensely blessed to have their support, love, and friendship in my life, my husband's life, and now my son's life. I don't think we will ever regret the time we spent living under the same roof. 
One day, we will outgrow this home. We are praying for more babies to join our family, when those days come we won't all be able to fit. The memories  we have made living with my parents during one of the best years of our lives are priceless.  

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Do you have questions for me? 
Would you like a more detailed post on how we make it all work?? 
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