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Lessons From the South

Melissa from the Rambling Llama is taking over the blog today! 

A little about Melissa:I'm a born and raised Georgia girl. I'm happily married with two gorgeous kids, and have recently (last year) gotten into blogging. I started blogging as a way to share funny stories about the kids. It's evolved into recipes, personal experiences, and the occasional DIY. 2015 turned me into a Stay at Home Mom. The Rambling Llama has been a place to really express myself and has been a great new hobby.
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Being raised in the south there are some stereotypes that get associated with me. Such as "oh you must wear cowboy boots everywhere" (I don't). Or "you must have something fried with every meal" (Nope). However, there is one thing about the south that stands true. Southern upbringing. There's just something about being in the south where your parents and grandparents don't take any crap, and you learn things at a young age that stick with you for life!

|| Respect Your Elders. 
I feel like this one should not be included, but you'd be surprised how many kids I've seen that treat their parents and grandparents like garbage. That seriously breaks my heart. I would never in my life talk to my grandmother the way some kids these days do. And quite honestly, if I had bad mouthed Grandma, I'd be sitting in the corner with a bar of soap in my mouth

|| Bless Your Heart. 
Also known as "well you just said something so stupid that you need to be slapped silly for, but I'm a lady so I'm not going to say anything". You know how you were taught "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? Well, this is like that. In a way.  Only, you're just sounding like you're saying something nice.

|| Be Prepared. 
OK... so maybe this is the boy scout motto, but it still applies. Southern weather can be unpredictable. Esp with random pop up storms. It's a good idea to keep an umbrella in your car. It's also a good idea to keep some sort of refreshments in your house. A good hostess doesn't let her guests go thirsty.  Keep that sweet tea in your fridge just in case!

|| Enjoy What You Have. 
It's no secret. There's always going to be a family with a better car, better house, better something. An important lesson my mom taught me, and that I'm teaching my kids is to just appreciate what you have. Sure, the other kids might have super soakers and you don't. However, you might have a bike and they don't. If you're never happy with what you have or with what someone gifts to you, then you'll never be happy in life.

|| No Backseat Driving.
Kids, adults, this is for everyone. My 5 year old is bad about this, and he's quickly learning to not tell Mommy and Daddy how to drive. Same as I learned with my mom. I did this with my parents and I would get an evil eye and a smack on the leg from the driver. Just be quiet in the back seat and enjoy the ride. It's most likely too hot to even worry about where you're going anyway. lol.

Runners up / miscellaneous lessons would include:

  • Dryer sheets keep mosquitos away
  • Bags of water hung above your front door keeps flies away
  • Gardening is the way to go
  • Stand your ground, but don't forget your manners. 
  • Bacon is good with any meal! 
Were you raised in the south? What would you include in this list? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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