Monday, June 22, 2015

I've stared at a blank page this past week after writing Waiting on Baby #2. The post received close to 700 hits and for me, that's a lot of readers. I freaked out a little bit, went back into my shy, introverted shell and decided not to come out and play for a while... Your comments on the blog, Instagram, and Facebook were overwhelming. I was so touched by how many of you reached out in kindness and understanding to me. To those of you struggling to conceive, I think that post is proof you are absolutely not alone and there is hope for you!

During the mini break, I was browsing Zillow and found a dream home. It's a little bit of a fixer upper (yes I've been singing the song from Frozen ever since) and needs cosmetic touches all over the place, but it has good bones and a beautiful backyard.

So we put in an offer and we are currently under contract. Those of you who own a home know this means PURE CHAOS!

I have paperwork to get together, a house inspection today, and we are leaving for our huge family vacation this coming Friday (I need GUEST bloggers if you are interested comment below). Lots going on, but I wanted to check in with you readers and let you know how much I appreciated your comments the other day. Thank you! If you are wanting to follow along on our family vacation follow me HERE on Instagram. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for the new element this house will bring to the blog. Many projects, how tos, stressful new home owner posts coming your way soon!

Happy Monday friends!
Ember Grey

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