Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to Feel Successful as a Stay at Home Mother

 I feel the need to begin this post with full disclosure. I've only been a stay at home mom for a couple of months, to some who have been at home for years, this post will be irrelevant and I'm completely aware of my newness to all of this and certainly don't mean to come off as a know it all. My words are intended for those new to being at home, those struggling with being at home, and those contemplating whether or not they want to become a stay at home mother. 
  • Create a schedule
    • For me this is one of the most important ways to keep myself sane. Being able to look at my calendar each week and see where we are going, who we are seeing, what gym class I'm attending... it makes me feel like I'm back at work, but it's so much better! 
    • It's better for children to know what's coming next. The best place for your child is in the home. The more familiar the better for them to learn and grow in a safe environment. Being at home doesn't mean you can't have a schedule. Here's a glimpse into our typical day at home:
      • Morning cuddles with breakfast 
      • An hour of gymtime for me and playtime for him with other kids 
      • Naptime, this is mama time (I'll get to why I don't work during naptime later)
      • Snacktime 
      • Reading and playtime 
      • Outside with buckets, water, sprinkler, bubbles and a book for me! 
      • Make dinner, fold laundry, more snacks for baby 
      • Bathtime 
      • Reading  
      • Prayer
      • Bedtime 
  • Get Dressed
    • Now I'm not saying curl your hair, do full makeup, squeeze into those tight jeans, and strap on cute sandals. I'm simply saying take a shower because it makes you feel good. Days when I know I'm not going anywhere I let my hair air dry and smear moisturizer on my face. That's it. 
    • I feel better about myself when I'm made up, of course. I save those days for errands, library day, meeting friends for lunch, and church. 
  • Find Your Niche 
    • Is it reading? Writing? Suduko? Blogging? Watching TV? Baking? Dancing? Find what makes you feel like you. Naptime is mama time. If I don't, I won't get any time to myself. Once The Big Dawg gets home, it's about him and Little Monkey. 
  • Cleaning House 
    • I do chores while LM is awake and running around because I think it's important for him to see me working. At 15 months, he is able to help me unload the dishwasher, water the plants outside, washes the cars (it's so cute) and take the clothes from the dryer and put them into a basket. I promise it's not child labor!!! It takes us a while to get chores done, but it's lots more fun working together.
    • A little cleaning each day is easier to keep up with than having to do a huge day of cleaning. Every day I do laundry, dishes, and trash. Once a week I vacuum, organize desk paperwork, wipe down bathrooms. Our cars are washed every other week. 
    • Create habits that work for you. A clean home is a happy home! 
  • Getting Out 
    • Check the schedule of events in your area on The Chamber of Commerce, Barnes & Noble, local festivals and public library websites. Add what activities would best fit for you and your little one to your calendar. We have a great time going on small mini trips together!
    • Get together with a friend to walk and talk. 
    • Have lunch out with your husband, or if money is tight pack a picnic lunch and eat together at a local park. 
    • Visit your local library for story time. 
    • Playgrounds and swings are some of our favorites, especially living in a small town where we often have the park all to ourselves. 

What are some tips you have for new stay at home mothers? 

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