Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Books Read May 2015

May was filled with great reads! I've been a little obsessed with Liane Moriarty lately. I finished The Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot this month. Both were great reads, both were great stories, both left me touched with their endings. I adore the way Moriarty wraps up a book! 

The library introduced me to Doug TenNapel years ago, his graphic novels are creative, adventurous, and fun. Iron West was another one of his fun reads. 

The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, whew that title is a mouth full. I had mixed feelings on this book, it was hilarious. I laughed throughout the beginning of the book, but as the story continued I grew a little defensive of my beliefs. I saw the humor in a lot of the Mormon jokes she made, but also wish she had shared more of the good sides of our beliefs. I was expecting more happiness, more joy in the ending. Was it funny? Yes. Is it a book I would recommend...I'm not so sure... 

I listened to Tell The Wolves I'm Home and the narrator had a raspy voice that left me thinking throughout the story that something terrible was going to happen to the main character. Turns out that's just the way she narrates, the story was interesting about a young girl coping with the loss of her uncle to AIDS. The plot twist was a surprise, overall I enjoyed it, but it wasn't amazing

A reader on Twitter recommended I read Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, I've never read any of her books and I have to say, this one left me wanting more from Dessen.

At the Water's Edge was a fantastic read! I already said this on Instagram, but I need to say it again! Do not give up on this book!! It takes a little while for the characters to develop and she takes forever to reveal the plot twist, but it is all worth it. I loved Water for Elephants by Gruen and this book didn't disappoint. 

My recently finished read was One Step Too Far. This was one of those books where I ended up hating the main character, until I found out her background story. This is a great read, a little depressing, but the flashbacks helped each character develop and it was an interesting way to read a book. I enjoyed it, I just need a light hearted YA novel now! 

What did you read this month?  

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