Friday, May 29, 2015

One Door Closes

When I drove home from the library Wednesday night, I felt sad. That's such a simple description of the emotion I was feeling, but it's true. I gave a lot to the library, for almost 5 years it was my baby. While I worked there my husband and I lived in our first apartment, he graduated from school, I substitute taught, we went through infertility visits, deaths in our family, tons of vacations, our miscarriage was known all over campus, we had lunch downtown, my dad stopped by for books, and my mom decorated my desk one year for my birthday. I met one of my best friends while working in that library, she's been a joy to be around and makes me laugh on all our long walks. I don't think we would have met had I not taken the job. Another friend I became close to has moved away, but we are attending her wedding this October. There were many nights I came home from the library sharing stories of students I helped, middle school moms, needy students, movie nights, and cadet study hall. As much as the library was apart of my life, I have a new little person who is the sunshine of my life and he now gets all of his mama!

The library was also where I went to middle school, high school, and junior college. I remember my first day I was terrified of seeing people from my past. My dad is also a teacher and coach at the school, so I knew I would be uncomfortable for the first few months. Many bad memories came back to me from various experiences I had on campus. As would they for anybody visiting their old stomping grounds!

I'm so grateful I was able to remember the good times and replace the bad ones with wonderful new memories with friends and family. My heart is full of gratitude for being given another chance to close that door in my life.

Now I'm opening a new door to the stay at home mom life. And it is wide open, the world has never looked so bright and promising! 

How did you deal with saying goodbye to a job and hello to a new one? 

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