Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Blogger Men Tell All

WOW! I came back from vacation and want to say HELLO to all you new followers. I'm ecstatic you've decided to follow Southern Hope and join my on my Southern bare foot journey through life. I'd love to get to know you better in the comments below, so please introduce yourselves and say hi!
To read last month's men tell all with The Big Dawg and Coach click HERE
Today is one of my favorite posts of the month, The Blogger Men Tell All!

Would you rather…
1. Watch Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars 
2. Take a summer vacation in the mountains or the beach?
TBD: Both? 
Me: Gotta pick one, it's a "would you rather" 
TBD: Beach. 
(my mom and I went to Gulf Shores Alabama a couple weeks ago, post coming soon, I think that's fresh on his mind, he usually loves hiking in the mountains too!) 
3. Use Facebook or Twitter?
(he rarely is ever on Facebook, but doesn't have Twitter so there's that... he's not really a social media guy) 
4. Go camping or stay in a nice hotel?
Nice hotel, but that's hard. It depends on the situation. 
(with my joints? Hotel wins every time) 

5. Watch sports or play sports?
There's some that you play and some that you watch! 

Definitely a less eventful men tell all for us, but still fun. What did your men behind the blog say this month? Can't wait to read your posts! 

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