Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hey You There, With the Stringy Hair

I have something to say to the girl with the wavy, stringy hair. She obviously hasn't learned the magic of a hair dryer. Yea she has those two front teeth that make her look like a beaver. Those braces will take over two years to correct those crooked teeth. When she's 29 years old, her 4 month old son will have chipped her front tooth. 

I have to say something to the girl who decided in 8th grade what boys thought of her was the most important thing in life, not how she thought of herself.

I want to tell her that there is SO much more to her than the scale, than a mirror, than a pants size. That numbers and fads come and go, but how she treats herself will stick to her for the rest of her life. Like the scar she has from a hot glue gun accident, those mean thoughts she thinks as she looks in the mirror will scar her mind just the same.

I want to tell her that fitness is for health, not for trends. For her to find a happy medium between body obsession and positive lifestyle changes. That when all is said and done people won't remember her because she had a cute figure, but because she was kind to them, because she cared and served them.

Hey girl, with that stringy hair. 
It will get better, it always gets better. 

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