Monday, May 11, 2015

Grateful for Motherhood

Oh yes, you knew it was coming. Today is the Grateful Heart linkup with the beautiful Ember Grey. And don't be surprised that today I want to talk about how grateful I am to be a mother, and to have a mother, aunts, and a grandmother. Not only am I grateful for their influence in my life, but also for many other women who mothered me along my path to adulthood. 

My grandmother, The Greatest Generation, survived WWII, years of my grandfather serving in the Air Force, raised 5 children (and an amazing man who is my father), and numerous moves across country, diaper changes, meals to fix, and wounds to heal.

My mother who survived losing both her parents when she was my age (talk about courage), who has obtained numerous degrees, has educated hundreds of children (including me), married my dad and for the first few years lived on egg salad, and has been a supporter and nurturer of me during some rough college years and life experiences. 

My aunt raised two children, supported them their private school and college as a single parent on a teacher's salary.  Who taught many children the hard subject of math, made time to tutor me in elementary and middle school (because English is obviously my subject), managed to attend her children's sporting events, help with the afterschool program to create a safe environment for her school children to learn and grown, and is now a happily content grandmother of two boys eagerly awaiting retirement.

I thought of my other aunt (oldest of the 3 girls), who started in Birmingham, AL when women were first coming into the work place, who rose to the top of her company in a sea of men, formed downtown Milledgeville into what it is today, participates in multiple community projects a year, is a huge supporter of the local animal shelter, and who happily married and recently endured the loss of her lifelong sweetheart. She's also an amazing Realtor if you need somebody in the North Georgia/North Carolina area! 

These are the types of women I have as examples in my life. I have been surrounded by amazing women who have left their imprint on my heart over the years. Without knowing it, they mothered me in their own special ways. Their influences on my life on becoming a wife and mother are endless. 

What are you grateful for this beautiful Monday Southern Hope readers? 

Ember Grey's Grateful Heart Linkup

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