Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I almost forgot to write my Four Things post, ah! I'll be totally honest, when that sunshine comes out and the sky is blue all I can think about is how fast it will take me to get our fannies outside. Little Monkey loves playing with the hose (on mist) and I love watching him. We have been having TOO much fun together.

Thank you Lora from Heart of Life and Joy from For the Love of Tuna for tagging me in Four!

4 Names People Call You
2. Whit
3. WHITNEY BROWN (said my The Big Dawg with a heavy Tennessee accent, when I'm "in trouble")
4. Mama

4 Jobs You've Had
1. Hair Salon Receptionist
2. Gym Front Desk/Childcare worker
3. Nanny
4. Library Technical Assistant and Office Manager

4 Movies You've Watched More Than Once
1. An Affair to Remember
2. P.S. I Love You
3. 10 Things I Hate About You
4. The Wedding Singer

4 Books I Would Recommend 
(this is very hard, so I'll just go with my most recent recommends)
The Things You Would Have Said: The Chance to Say What You Always Wanted Them to Know
American Sniper

4 Places I've Lived
Selma, Alabama
Milledgeville, Georgia
Provo, Utah
Athens, Georgia

4 Places I Have Been
Washington D.C.
Utah (all over)
Panama City Beach, Florida (visiting family, not Spring Break!!)
Dallas, Texas

4 Places I'd Rather Be Now
On a beach with my little family
In a doctor's office finding out I'm pregnant (nope)
In North Carolina with my aunt (I miss her something awful)
Cuddling with my son

4 Of My Favorite Foods
(healthy or bad for you? Let's go with the bad...)
Red Lobster Biscuits
Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake
Homemade Mac&Cheese (I only eat it at Thanksgiving!!!)
Fried Green Beans

4 TV Shows I Watch
Grey's Anatomy
New Girl

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year
Our Washington D.C. Family trip!!!!
Road trips with The Big Dawg and Little Monkey
Visiting friends this summer
Halloween, no idea what we will be doing this year, but I'm excited to plan another matching outfit!

4 Things I'm Always Saying
I feel like...
I love you
That's CRA-ZY
Yummmmm this tastes soooo good!!!

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