Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Two Ingredient Play Dough

Inspiration for this post came from the blog, Our Best Bites.
Find their post HERE.

Any posts with the title "two ingredients" is going to catch my eye! Now that Little Monkey is older, Pinterest has become my go to for all things fun and experimental for him. I wasn't sure if he was ready for play dough, but thought I'd give this a try. The results did not disappoint, however my son did when he didn't exactly play with the dough....
More like try to eat it over and over again and threw it on the ground.
Over and over again. 
He enjoys watching his mom pick up stuff off the floor apparently! 

I decided to use up some old hotel lotion bottles we had lying around for the conditioner/lotion base. You'll need a full cup of either conditioner or lotion. Find something that smells good to you and your child, because after playing with it your hands will smell exactly like the dough. 

All the above bottles gave me exactly half a cup, so for the rest I used Jergen's. I looooove the smell of Jergen's Cherry Almond, it's what my grandmother uses and I think of her whenever I smell it. You'll need 2 cups of cornstarch. 

Mix that all together till you get your desired texture. You may want to add more lotion or cornstarch based on how thick the dough gets. I ended up making mine a little too liquidy, next time I'll back off on all the lotions!! 

Add your food coloring. Do y'all love food coloring as much as I do?!
 I think it is so fun and love having an excuse to use it! 

I made green and blue play dough for our Little Monkey. Yes he only threw it on the ground, but his little hands dug around in it and felt the different textures of the dough. I would call that a success for a one year old!! 

Bag it up for later, ours kept for several days!! 

What do you think of DIY kitchen creations for your littles? 

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