Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Office Makeover

The main reason this blog is a lifestyle blog is because I am all over the place with posts I want to write, but also because I'm terrible with BEFORE and AFTER pictures. Even when I write up a Foodie Friday posts I struggle with that perfect "foodie" look to my photos. The reality is, I just love sharing with y'all what's going in our world, so it may be random, but it's REAL LIFE.

The office makeover is finally completed and I'm excited to share the changes.

Originally there was wallpaper in the office. Last Labor Day weekend, The Big Dawg and I rented a steamer and took down all the wallpaper in the office and the kitchen. It was up there for close to 20 years,EEK!

My frames and other decor sat around till everything was ready to be put up on the walls. I found cute printables on Pinterest, cropped them to my needed size and added them to cute Ikea white frames. 

The Big Dawg and I enjoy doing projects together, as always he was helpful in this project. 

Beginnings of the first wall all put together. 

This was my temporary blogging station while my grandfather's desk was converted into a table. My mother kept most of the furniture from her parents' home after they passed away. Finding new ways to repurpose and use it all has created bonding moments between the two of us.

Here's what I mean about no before pictures.... *awkward* 
I'd love to show y'all what the desk looked like before we turned it into a table, but I didn't take any pictures. I get so darn excited about transformations that I forget!! 

This has become a nice sitting area for me to read books to Little Monkey while he plays or for The Big Dawg to hang out and chat while I blog or check emails. 

Wall completed

Other wall completed

This is how it looks now. 
Check out the cute horse my cousin bought Little Monkey for Christmas, he loves riding off into the sunset, Hi HO Silver! 

I'm not the only one loving the new office space!! The Big Dawg has his own area for projects, art, and whatever he is working on. The previous white table above is now his table/space. It's been fun having a spot in the house just for our little family to hang out together.

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