Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to Make and Keep Friends

Are you feeling confined to your home? Scared to venture out to the playground? Noticed the other mom at the gym who comes to the same class, but you still don't know her name?

Yes, I'm an introvert too and I get it. I fight it daily, the side of me that wants to lock myself in the house and never come out. No really. I may talk a big game here on the blog or come across super social on social media. I often question things I write online, imagine myself deleting all of it and sometimes I get so nervous my writing is offensive or too preachy or well LAME.

(because I love elephant snuggles) 

Anyways, I'm no expert, but I have been able to keep in touch with many friends over the years (some are 20 years of friendship!). Maybe it's the only child in me, but my friends are my family, they become my sisters. Friendships have to be nurtured, so here are some of my tips for making and keeping friends.
Making Friends
  • Introduce yourself! You only come across friendly by saying, "hey I've seen you around these parts before, my name is Whitney, what's yours?!" Besides who could say no to your beaming face? 
  • Don't be weird. You know what's weird? People who make you uncomfortable, are too intense, too chatty, no eye contact, too emotional, or too much twitchyness (add that to my made up word list). Just don't be the weirdo in the group. If you find people are looking at you funny, shut your yap for a while and play it cool. Be 
  • Offer assistance whenever possible. I've made some great friends just by being of service to others. Need help getting your weights for class? I'm there! Need extra cookies for the fundraiser? No problem! People like to be around others who make them feel good, be helpful and positive. 

Keeping Friends 
  • Our generation is obsessed with online sharing. Take time to write your friend a note and *gasp* send it in the mail! 
  • Don't flake out. If you absolutely have to skip a lunch date or play date, reschedule right away. Don't just cancel and don't follow up. Unless you are trying to get rid of this friend, because that's the message you are sending them... That you don't want to hang out, so be careful and be kind. 

  • Be in tune to your friend's needs. Do they have a job interview coming up? Send them an encouraging message. Are they feeling sad after a breakup? Drop off special treats! There are many ways to show your friends you love and care about the events in their lives.  

If you have TONS of friends then good for you, whoop whoop! Like marriage, I've found that many of my life long friendships take forgiveness, kindness, support, and even space sometimes. 

What are some tips you have for making and keeping friends?

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