Monday, March 30, 2015

Taking Your Own Stock Photos

Traveling gives bloggers a great opportunity to find and create their own stock photos. While we were in Columbus, I took the below photos along our walking route. I thought I'd give y'all some quick tips on finding unique stock photos for your blogging post needs!   

Now I know to the naked eye, pictures of stairs and walls may look strange, BUT by using Picmonkey and adding words over the picture, or using the picture to apply to your blog topic, they can liven up a blog post. 
Some see rocks falling....
I see how these rocks can represent the trials in our lives tumbling down ontop of us...
Or rising from underneath the rocks and reaching out for success! 
See where I'm going with this?! 
Search for ways items/landscaping/buildings/walls and structures around you can be applied in a metaphor! 
Broken windows?! Yes please!
Graffiti, broken glass, cracks in the pavement, those types of photos can create drama in a post.
Pathways, pipes, look at your surroundings and search for length and depth. Stock photos can have several meanings behind them, but it can also be up to the reader to decide what they "think" you mean by inserting certain photos into a post. 

Water can have emotional meanings for readers. Depending on the gentle flow of the water or the dangerous rush of a waterfall, the photo can represent many different aspects behind your written words. 
stock photo tips
I have hundreds of photos of bridges, I absolutely love them.
BRIDGES might be my thing, find yours, see what structure SPEAKS to you creatively! 
Look at the above picture and tell me what you see/feel/hear... 
Finally, animals can be a fun addition to blog posts. Maybe a silly pet picture to get a laugh out of readers or a beautiful picture of a peacock to show the beauty in nature. Anything to spark creativity in your writing and your reader's experience! 

What say you Southern Hope Readers?!
Do you enjoy photos in blog posts? 
Do they add to your reading experience on blogs?

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