Thursday, March 19, 2015

Playbin Makeover

Several years ago, my mom found these great playbins for a future Little Monkey at a salvage store, they were a steal! She found them long before I got pregnant, but we both saw the potential in them for various projects. She pictured them with letters on them, I pictured them with our child's favorite Disney character drawn on by his dad. Once we found out we were having a boy though, we were in between homes and everything sat in storage. A month or so ago, we had a lovely warm weekend here in Georgia and I decided it was time to find a home for all of his new birthday toys. He just now has gotten to an age where he actually plays with toys! 
Milo always the curious cat... 
After spraying painting them this fun blue, I moved them inside. The Big Dawg watched Fury while I taped on gold duct tape. I originally wanted to paint on a gold stripe, but the guy at the store suggested duck tape HA, genius!  
I painted a heavy layer of modge podge over the tape, because Little Monkey is a BOY and I knew he would rip the tape off given the chance. With the office/playroom coming along nicely, they now have a fun home right beside my desk!

Aren't they precious?! I love them! 

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