Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Make a Children's Jesus Christ Puzzle

I am absolutely loving my calling at church as the 2nd Counselor in Primary. During this time in my life, I feel at peace, I'm right where I'm supposed to be and that is an amazing feeling. For our Primary children ages 4-11, we wanted to have some type of fun birthday gift. We don't have a very large Primary, but it's so important for each one to feel loved and their birthday remembered and celebrated!!
The Primary President sent me this pin on Pinterest and asked if The Big Dawg and I could recreate it. I'm a YES person, so I told her I could do it, maybe not the exact same thing, but YES! 
I thought finding plywood would be difficult, luckily, I have a husband who is obsessed with trips to Lowe's. We stopped by and found this beautiful piece of plywood for only a DOLLAR in their scraps area. 
The pass along cards were purchased by our Primary President. I applied modge podge over the above cards, let it dry, then sometime later applied another coat. I used glossy to give them extra shine. 
Reuse wipe containers for DIY projects, they are so useful! 
The creator of the original puzzle (see pin above) used a scroll-saw. We didn't have one of those, so The Big Dawg used a Dremel Carbide cutting and shaping wheel to cut the puzzles into pieces. First he cut out the rectangles, then later cut them into puzzle pieces. 
View of the back. 

View of the front before cuts. 
Completed puzzle. 

We had so much fun doing this project together, we have more to make for this coming year! 

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