Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Recap

Here's an update on how I did with February's goals!

-More pictures, I know my blogging is better when pictures are involved. I want to be better about adding them to give myself some writing inspiration. 

     I posted more to Instagram last month, but hope to bring more of that to the blog.

-Family 3 day trip this month, somewhere...anywhere just want to go go go! 
       Well, this didn't exactly happen. I was hoping to go to Savannah, but that was before The Big Dawg gifted me with Wicked tickets. We can't afford to do both, so Savannah will have to wait another day!

-Lose 3 pounds. HEY, I'm being realistic, February is a short month! 

       This baby weight is no joke. I've gotten many compliments on looking fitter, but the scale isn't my friend right now. I'd say yes I lost 3 pounds this month, but don't we all fluctuate 5 pounds up and down each day? So I'm just focusing on how my clothes fit and getting in workouts whenever possible.

-Read 3 books. (what's with all the threes??) 

     Here's a goal I can be proud of accomplishing! I actually read 7 books this month! 
Can you tell I've been on a huge young adult novel kick?!

- Run a 5K... this will most likely happen on the treadmill at the gym. *queue the Rocky music* 

     Sadly this did not happen. My knees were KILLING me this month, I barely made it through my weekly aerobics classes there was no way they would have let me run. Maybe when the weather is warm again my joints will loosen up.

-Start my gratitude journal (that I've been talking about starting for months) 

     I totally started it... and wrote in it once, but still that's more than I did before! It's officially on my desk and a constant reminder to be grateful and to document those happy moments.

-Cook, cook, cook, then bake, bake bake. 

     I didn't cook as much as I baked, surprise surprise. Little Monkey's birthday party is this weekend so there will be tons of cookies!

How did your February goals turn out?!

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