Friday, March 27, 2015

Columbus, Georgia and Wild Animal Safari

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen the crazy pictures I posted from our visit to Columbus and Wild Animal Safari, but like any blogger I need to tell the story BEHIND the pictures!!

The Big Dawg had work in Columbus, Georgia so we decided to make a family trip of it. We drove the 2 hours or so there and dropped him off at work. Little Monkey and I headed to the hotel in hopes that the pool would be open. It wasn't. We hung out in the hotel room, watched TV, got Chickfila, and went to Walmart. That afternoon when The Big Dawg was finished we went to this beautiful river walk they have there in Columbus. Over 15 miles of it! Downtown areas are my weakness and we walked around looking at all the green people celebrating St. Patrick's Day (which I forgot about, of course).

The next day we headed 30 minutes up the road to Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain Georgia. We got there around the time they opened (10AM) and excitedly paid for our chance to have animals stick their heads in our windows, drool on us, and smell the sweet scents of animal poop!

Some of the things screamed in our car were:

"I'm gagging, she smells terrible" 
*coughing and gagging from the giraffe* 

"Is it touching me?! I feel like IT'S TOUCHING ME!!" 
*my eyes were closed when the emus came up to our car * 

"I blacked out for a second, what just happened?!" 
*after bison had their heads in our car*

"They ALL need Tic Tacs!" 

"We are out of food, give them that banana!!"
*this did not happen, I promise*

"He's scratching his ear on the mirror!" 

"Take a picture, take my picture!" 

"He's going to spit on you!" 

"Awwww baby piglets!" 

"I need a baby goat, like yesterday." 

"They aren't allowed to eat that!" 
*The Big Dawg tried to feed animals food they weren't allowed to have in the walk about...always the rebel*  
Now, tell the truth..... after seeing this picture below.
Don't you want a baby goat?! 
I do! I do!! 

We had a really great time on our Wild Animal Safari adventure! Such a neat place to take the family!! 
Have you ever been?! 

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