Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See Birthday Party!

We had the greatest time this past Friday celebrating Little Monkey's 1st birthday. It's cliché to say it, but the time went by so fast. I picked this birthday theme, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? because it is my son's favorite book. He grabs it first out of all his books and even whines if I try to pick something different. He loooooves it!

If your child has a favorite book think about ways you can decorate with the book's characters! These birthday decoration ideas could be applied to any book. I wanted to share the details of his party with y'all in hopes that it will inspire you to plan an easy, cheap, and fun party!
Making the Stick Animals:
My first project was to copy all the Brown Bear characters with our scanner/printer and print them out as book pages. If you have a color printer at home and possibly access to a laminator you can make cute stick animals to place throughout the party. We now use the same animals for puppets at the house, Little Monkey loves seeing the characters come to life!
I copied our book from home on our copier, printed out the pages, laminated them, then cut out the characters. After that, I hot glued them onto colorful craft sticks I found at Walmart. I was worried they wouldn't stand up straight, but as long as I glued the stick far enough up the page, it stood up just fine.
Here's the finished product!  
Then I placed them in the food, drinks, and books.
With the second set of book pages I cut rounded edges and taped them to the table cloth. The pictures went in order of the book around the table. I bought a blue and yellow table cloth from Dollar Tree. All our plates, napkins, and utensils came from Dollar Tree. It worked out nicely since they had so many colors.
Total cost of birthday décor, plates, utensils, and table cloths:
For extra copies of your child's favorite book for their party, go to your local library and grab all the copies they have, we made out with 4 library copies and two of our own which made for great additions around the table.

Since we had an evening birthday party, food was the most expensive thing. We had chips, pasta salad, cheese dip, sausage balls,  PB&Js (for the kids) and Firehouse subs. These adorable cupcakes were made by a young woman at our church, Morgan Burgamy. She is an aspiring baker and wants to open her own bakery one day. Her cupcakes are both delicious and adorable, so yes we enjoy having her make them for all our parties!! If y'all want to get in touch with her for a party, let me know and I can give you her info!

We had a great time at Little Monkey's 1st birthday, it was so fun to watch him play with the other kids (total of 11 kids  ranging from 3 months to 13 years were at his party) and he was such a big boy! The perfect little party animal! We even started a new tradition: morning of the first birthday, our babies will get their first hair cut! I look forward to many years with our little man and all the fun things coming his way. 

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