Monday, March 9, 2015

A Year of Happiness

Becoming a mother has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. The joy a little one brings into a family is like nothing in this world.

This past Friday we celebrated Little Monkey's 1st birthday. I'll be sharing the details of the party tomorrow, but I wanted to spend today's post writing about my gratitude for having Little Monkey in my life.

From the first moment we met, he was 5 weeks old in the womb. My fertility specialist was able to find a heartbeat, which we did not expect to hear so soon! What an amazing moment that was for us. I saw his tiny "buds" at she called them and prayed this little one would stick around for the long haul. Months went by and it was finally time to announce our joy. You can read our announcement post here, it's one I'm really proud of on the blog. So many friends and family celebrated with us, knowing how heartbreaking the last 3 years were for our family.

When Little Monkey finally decided to join us 2 weeks overdue and 25 hours of induced labor and 5 more pushing, our hearts exploded with what this little man brought with him.
Much like marriage, motherhood only gets sweeter with time. I thought I loved The Big Dawg our first year of marriage, but now that we've been married 5 years I realize I love him more now than back then. It's the same with Little Monkey, I love him more and more every day and each time I think my heart will burst, it some how fills up even more.

Motherhood is a blessing I am indeed grateful for on this lovely Monday morning!!!

What are you grateful for this week?
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