Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine Mix Up

This could fall under one of my most embarrassing moments. The jokes about blondes are true, I take no offense to them... let me share with you one of my worst/best dates... with my own husband.
And it was all my fault.
It was February 14, 2011. We had been married a little over 2 years. There I was at 9:30PM sitting in my car, just home from work. Calling The Big Dawg, a dozen pink roses and a clue in my hand which he delivered to my desk earlier. He came in, handed it to me and said "this starts now". I didn't want to walk into our apartment and screw up the surprise, so I waited...
The college aged couple who lived upstairs, a very "active and loud" couple in the evenings... if you know what I mean drove up and giggled their way into their apartment. I decided after seeing that it was time to walk in due to the embarrassment of being the stood up wife in the parking lot!

I walk in, being sure not to look anywhere but at our couch in case there were other clues I wasn't supposed to get until The Big Dawg came home. While sitting on the couch, I checked my phone every second wondering when he would walk in the door from class, so obviously rude for the teacher to keep her students THIS late on Valentine's Day! Fifteen minutes go by and my panic mode activates. Anybody who knows me, knows this isn't pretty. I decide to jump in the car and drive the 5 minutes to campus just to check and see if he was still in class, maybe he was speaking with his teacher, maybe he got towed, maybe he got a ticket, maybe he locked his keys in the car (which happened frequently back then). A million ideas went through my head besides the most obvious... that he was waiting for me somewhere at the end of all these clues.

I text him that I am so very worried about him and to please call my immediately with that high priority status so it beeps often! He calls me back rather annoyed and tells me to "read all the clues, you haven't found me yet!" Hmmmm what?!?!? I'm supposed to be looking FOR him??

So I go back to our place, find an extra clue that leads me to chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge with a clue that says "you can find me in a warm and bubbly place". Immediately I realize he is at my parent's house across town in their hot tub!!

I fly across town, pull into their driveway and come around the corner to find candles all over their deck and a shriveled up husband who had been in the hot tub for at least an hour. It was all so beautiful and thoughtful...

We laughed and laughed and ate his strawberries. It was all so sweet and I felt absolutely terrible. We soon figured out that by saying, "I won't be there" I heard, "I'll be waiting for you" after class. Our schedules back then were so mixed up and this is just a classic example of newlywed miscommunication!

What is one of your favorite Valentine's Day memory?
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