Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tell Me About Your Town: Blogger Date

Southern Hope Blog 
Blating Profile

Non smoking hot cocoa addicted, library worker seeks a blogger date with you! 
Height: 5'7 
Hair: Natural Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: hahaha yea right 

Likes: Reading, gym classes, talking about and holding babies, baking and cooking, pets, lots of walking and talking, talking and walking, discussing television shows as if the characters are real...

Dislikes: Bad humor and judgy people 

What you need to know:
A blate is a blogger date and I'd love to get to know more bloggers! We could talk about life outside of blogging, share secrets, and my favorite give each other tips and advice.
I'm honest, caring, and loyal yes just like a dog. I love friendship and supporting other women. My perfect blate in town would be grabbing hot cocoas or yummy pastries at the local coffee shop, Blackbird. It's a great spot for hipsters, which I am obviously NOT. But I do love to people watch and it's a great place to do so. If the weather is nice, I'd love to go for a walk down by the river (ha) at the Oconee River Greenway. It's one of my favorite places in town with miles of sidewalk and dog parks. I'm a firm believer that to really get to know a person, we've got to be outside with no distractions but our fabulous conversation! 


So I have a question for you..
Would you blate me?!

The Rambling Llama

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