Monday, February 23, 2015

Gratitude: Me from A to Z

Linking up today with the amazing, Ember Grey blog for the Grateful Heart linkup. What better way to show my gratitude than sharing things I'm grateful for and things to help you get to know me better from A to Z?! Thanks to Meagan at All the Joys for inspiring the idea! 

A | animal //  Elephant. I'm obsessed with them, I think they are so beautiful and sweet. 
b | beauty product // Time Wise from Mary Kay, my fair skin is sprouting wrinkles, can't have that!! 
c | color // Purple, my birthstone is amethyst, the love started early. 
d | drink // When I'm healthy: water with lemon, when I'm not: Vanilla Coke yessssss 

e | exercise // All about some group fitness classes. Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Jam, Yoga, basically all the Les Mills classes at our gym! 
f | flower //  Magnolia, my email used to be steelmagnolia! 
g | game //  Catch Phrase, we LOVE this game at our house! Gets soo many giggles! 

h | human // Love my husband and baby boy, of course! 

i | instrument // I played the flute in band for several years, but wish now I'd kept with my piano lessons. I haven't given up on learning as an adult.  
j | job // Library worker for 5 years this coming August. 
k | karaoke song // Carrie Underwood all the way! 

l | lunch // Salad with all the fixin's and blackened chicken, dressing on the side please. 
m | movie // I shared with y'all my all time favorite, About Time. Read it, then cry about it!!! 
n | number // 1, because Little Monkey turns 1 in 11 days, somebody pinch me, it can't be real. 
o | object //  A book, any book... there's always one around here somewhere. 
p | picture //  My last moments as Whitney. 30 hours after this photo, I became "mama" and my world was forever changed for good!!  Read his birth story here

q | quote // This quote, because my blog space is meant to be a beautifully inspiring place. My home is also an inspiring place where I make beautiful things. My life is full of creative moments that may go unnoticed, but to me they are special, to me they really mean something

r | restaurant // I'm in the mood for Red Robin because the closest one is 2 hours away and I would loooove some steak fries right now!  Red Robin... Yummmmmm!

s | season // Summer, all the way. Bring on the heat every day all day. 

t | trend // Leggings, come on y'all! They are so comfy for a mama to wear, stretchy is GOOD to this girl. 
u | underwear // Hahaha, since I'm Mormon I find this extra funny and will direct you to this great video explaining our temple garments. And NO they are NOT magical underwear! 
v | vacation // Hmmmm, the beach. I love the sand between my toes, salty air, and no makeup for a week! 
w | writer // Oh boy. I love tons of authors, this is tough. I think I'll write a post about my favs! I always love a good Southern author like Mary Kay Andrews and Joshilyn Jackson. 
x | x-tra favorite//  My bed, it's not that I'm lazy, it's just that my mom taught me a huge appreciation for super comfy beds from a very young age. And now my son is all about them too.   
y | year // 2009, when The Big Dawg and I got married and 2014 when Little Monkey was born. 
z | zodiac sign // Pisces
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